Marcus Rogers was born in Weisbaden, Germany on July 19 1986. He started following the Lord at the age of 7. He was home schooled and went to college for one year before joining the Army at 18. He has been in the military for 13 years and is currently making his way out of the military and pursuing full time ministry.

He has two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and one tour in South Korea. During his tours he drew closer to God and found out the calling on his life. God gave him visions of worldwide revival and a great army rising up in the last days that would be bold and on fire for God. The Lord sent him out to set God's people on fire and to preach the message of repentance.

As he continued to do street preaching and posting videos on social media doors started opening for him. He is the author of Through The Fire To Be On Fire, and he is currently working on a few other books. His long term goal is to open a church on the North Side of Chicago called Firehouse, his short term goals is to take the gospel to the streets, feed the homeless and preach revivals across the nation.

I am just a nobody, trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.