Why Does Big America Hate Trump And Why He Needs To Win Again In 2020

Who can you believe? What can you believe in this world we are living in? Do people really have good intentions or does everyone have selfish ambitions that they mask behind trying to help others? Why is America so mad about Donald Trump?

Most politicians became rich through politics. Bill Clinton wasn’t rich when he started off as Attorney General of Arkansas in 1977. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have made over 240 million in the last 15 years according to Forbes. Do you really believe other people don’t see that it is possible to become very wealthy doing politics?

So, what would make someone successful at politics? What would they have to do or be to get them into those positions of power to make that kind of money? Very simply put for the general everyday man and woman you would have to get the people to like you. Tell the people what they want to hear. Sell the people a dream. Give the people hope. Many politicians play off the fears and needs of people and make all of these promises of change. If you vote for me and give me what I want, I will give you what you want! They use speeches that apply logos, ethos, and pathos to appeal to the people. This is how they win they every day normal person.

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When it comes to the rich class, the ones whose bank accounts sit in a completely different atmosphere than ours it is a completely different world that most are not educated on. When someone campaigns for office and the rich make these grand donations, that is really bribe money in some cases. I give you my money in hopes that when you get in a position of power to make change you will pass legislation that gives me a return on the contribution, I gave you which is really just in investment I hope to get a return on. Do you really think a company offering a million dollars to the Clintons to do a speech is just for the sake of a speech? This is the way they legally bribe each other and get away with it. Dirty politics. Do you not believe this doesn’t happen when it comes to the news and major media outlets? If I own a certain news station and I donate to your campaign of course I am only going to run news that presents you in a favorable light. I am not posting news to report the news. I am posting news in a biased way to manipulate and control the way that people think. In exchange for this, I want to get something in return when you get in the seat of power and pass legislation that helps me become even more rich.

We appeal to the everyday man by making promises about life changes, taxes, and problems within the society. We work deals with the rich by-passing legislation that makes it legal to pass money around and buy loyalty from candidates. The rich get richer by keeping people in power that they want, and they ever day man and woman just holds on to a symbol of hope and change that is fabricated in front of them with fancy speeches and the media having a great influence on who we like and don’t like. Why do we vote for so many mayors, alderman’s, and other city officials and never see the change they promise once they win? Look at Flint Michigan with the water crisis. Look at the hoods of Chicago. We send millions of dollars out in foreign aid to help other countries and neglect our own, but we keep getting promises. We talk about the evils happening to the people of North Korea and how they are controlled by a dictator but here in our own country people are stilling being killed with no justice and no decrease in violence. So, all we have is words, broken promises, hope attached to a loose and long string, and the rich getting richer.

I said all of this to lay the foundation for your understanding that there is a system in play. There is an understanding of doing things in America when it comes to politics that the average person doesn’t see. For example, why did we invade Bagdad Iraq when we knew Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan? We used 9/11 as in excuse to invade because Saddam made it know he wanted to no longer be paid with the US dollar for oil. The same thing happened with Lybia and Gadhafi. You see President Putin and others in the UN asking who gave America the right to invade Lybia and these other places? There are things at play that the average person doesn’t have knowledge of. There are rules to the game. The rules for this game are pushing for a global agenda that we have been seeing developing for quite some time. Everything we did was from the perspective of globalism for a very long time. For the last two years we have been more focused on our internal structure. Why is that?

President Trump came in and broke the rules of how a President should win. He broke the rules on how politics work. If you recall nobody believed he would win. They mocked and laughed at the idea of it. They were so sure of the rules and manipulation. Remember all the polls that said Clinton would win in a landslide? Who came up with these fake polls? People thought Trump wouldn’t win because of the brash way he spoke. He said things that were not politically correct, and that is just something politicians don’t do according to the rules if they want to win. Trump has broken all of the rules that have been established. This has hurt the pride and pockets of many people. So, what can they do about it?

They can attack him everyday in the media out of loyalty to the ones they made contributions to. They need to get him out of office for their pocket books and for their pride, and to put things back to the way it was. Trump could not be bought because he came into this extremely wealthy, unlike most politicians as we established in the beginning. You can’t buy a favor from him by making a contribution to his campaign because quite frankly he doesn’t need your money. America is used to being able to buy politician’s and do it legally through campaign donations. It’s kind of like producers in the film. On many movies you see all kinds of producers on it. Some people with the title producer are simply financial donors who got a say in the making of the film because of the financial donation they made. 

Politicians would sell the everyday man a dream and give the rich man who made a donation a promise of loyalty. Now the goal is to sale a narrative to the everyday man about the character of Trump by using media and make people rich by offering them money to slander and come up with fake stories to push an agenda. The media is trying its hardest to get you to feel a certain way and think a certain way so they can reset the rules and get things back to normal. Making money and globalization.

Why does this matter to believers? The Bible often talks about the pride of life and the lust of the flesh. These people are fighting for power and money. They will do whatever it takes to get it. You ever hear about music industry people selling their soul to the devil for fame and money? Well the Bible lets us know the spirit of the antichrist is already working in the earth. The devil needs pawns to push the agenda he has against God. There are individuals who are willing to bow down to that agenda to get into power. So, they will support abortion, same sex marriage, LGBTQ in any and everything they want to do or pass just to get back into the seat of power. What ends up happening is they fulfill the devil’s agenda of going against God’s order to gain power and money which all goes back to lust of the flesh and pride of life. 

Like it or not the liberal agenda is a global agenda, and when you put it on the scales it is clearly the brainchild of the spirit of the antichrist. There is no way you can deny that if you look at it from a biblical, spiritual, and objective view that is not based on race, background or anything other than being a Christian.

President Trump is like the pause button in a movie. They had a script, they had a plot, and Trump interjected himself in this without their approval and put a pause on what they had going on. They want him out of the way so they can get back to pushing the agenda they have sold their souls to. The agenda of the spirit of the antichrist. Everything they do is preparing and building the stage for the antichrist to come in and for Jesus to return. Prophesy is being fulfilled every day.

President Trump is the last trumpet. No president in recent history has fought for Christian rights and values as hard as him whether you like him or not. God is giving America one more chance to repent and turn back to him before he allows America to get the King Saul it wants. Remember Israel rejected the prophets and judges that came and rebuked and warned them. They preferred a king like the other nations.

The nations of this world are looking for globalization and the Christian viewpoint does not fit in with that agenda. What you see happening to Trump will happen to believers. Trump is like a dam holding all the water back from sweeping through and destroying the village. After the dam’s wall is removed, the water will rush in. The water has been building up for years.

Do you think these things we have seen will just go away? Do you think the LGBTQ will not fight for more ground? Do you think that the antichrist agenda will stop because of a new president? No. The world is going to continue to fight to gain ground for the antichrist agenda by getting people to sell their soul for power and wealth. They will ignorantly lead people to destruction by coming across as an angel of light just like the devil. They will pose as justice, pose as the good guys and deceive many. People will call good evil and evil good just as the Bible predicted.

This is why it is so important for believers to walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t follow what you feel. Don’t follow what everybody else is saying. Everything is not what it seems. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. There are powers of darkness at work with a specific agenda and time table. The Bible says be not ignorant of Satan’s devices. Watch and pray saints. God is sounding the last Trumpet and give America a chance to repent before a shift takes place.

Today is the day to get right with God. The Book of Isiah, chapter 45 mentions King Cyrus. Trump is the 45th president and is a reflection of King Cyrus. God will use whatever and whoever to accomplish His will. They don’t even have to be saved. So, remember God is in control. The Lord says if they build it in this season, I will bless it. This is the season to focus, get right, and build for the Kingdom of God like never before. A shift will come, and the believers must be ready to stand.

Marcus J Rogers

Donald R Horsman III