Why Temptation Is Good For You

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations. (James 1:2)

Divers Temptations - Joy? How? Why?

There are many kinds of temptations and trials

Covert attacks on the inner man

Sometimes we do not recognize that the enemy has sent fiery arrows. They are not seen with our natural eyes. We only feel the effect. We are confused, feel pressure at home or at work, feel a sense of emotional dissatisfaction. These things are intended to produce harmful reactions like: lashing out in anger, gossiping, overeating, wrong emotional attachments (soul ties), illicit sexual activities. Depression, anxieties also fall into this category.

The enemy loves to send these hidden arrows. They are very effective on new believers, (and old believers who have never bothered to change). They cause us to self-destruct. Fired up by our emotions they cause us to lash out in many destructive ways, or make wrong choices and decisions. When we know where they come from, we can address them effectively.

Overt attacks on the outer man

There are also overt attacks directed at us through people. We are on the receiving end of gossip, hatred, or even experience physical attacks. That is the next line of divers temptations. For the most part, the enemy has to come out of hiding, and we recognize these attacks for what they are. In some instances, we are (falsely, or rightfully) accused, which again, places doubt and guilt (internal pressures)on the believer.

Covert and overt attacks on the body of Christ

Not all of us have engaged in warfare concerning the body of Christ, the church. It is a different level of warfare in which we choose to engage. We choose to take the heat for Jesus’s sake. That is where Paul was, calling himself a servant of Christ. The principles of Christian character must be lived out here to fight well.


Take away

There are many levels of attack. Some of the most effective ones on Christians are the hidden pressures on the soul, as they are not recognized and are intended for us to engage in self-destructive behaviors that harm ourselves, our loved ones, take us out of our Christian race, or earthly careers.

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye maybe perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (James 1:3-4)

The question maybe: Patience for what?

Christian Character

You are being formed into a Christian. This trial is necessary for developing Christian character. Remember, we are the jewels of Christ and we know that pure and precious stones are formed under heat and pressure.

Fruit of the Spirit

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit - no fruit equals dying tree (the seed in the fruit). Walking after impulses directed at the sensual man is the fruit of the flesh. It brings forth death to oneself and those around.

Wanting nothing

Always, every (personalized) situation, and every (personalized) trial is for the good to those that love Jesus. The result is always “Victory”! We grow! We gain territory! We win battles! We put our foot on the enemy’s neck! We get the supplies we need! This is why we rejoice when the fire comes. We know the end of it.

The next parts of James instruct us on how to engage in war. It is important to know up front that we don’t fight against people. We love them. But we fight against the spirit of the enemy. We refrain from being part of the destroying force. Instead, we give light and life - in the spirit, in actions and or in words. There is no sweeter satisfaction .

by Maria Rogers

Donald R Horsman III